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Health & Safety at Scott's 180


Health and Safety – What we are doing, how it affects clients

  1. Staffing has been limited to 1/3 capacity to focus on proper distancing, no lay-offs.

  2. Cleanliness and sanitation procedures on all surfaces, and high contact area’s have been dramatically increased.


Affects on our customers

  1. Likely very little, as we all have more important things to deal with.

  2. Repair and Maintenance capacity will still exist to get your vehicle needs looked after, especially urgent needs.

  3. Sanitary pick-up and delivery can be arranged, so customers who choose to remain indoors can.

  4. Test Drives or new vehicle pick ups, can be arranged so minimal contact with the dealership is necessary, we can come to you.

  5. Best ways to communicate with us,
    a. Phone
    b. Facebook messenger
    c. Google Messenger
    d. Website

I understand buying, trading, repairing, or maintaining a car is likely not high on everyone’s priority right now. However if you need assistance, we are still here to accommodate, safely, and as effectively as possible. We have made many arrangements to keep our team, and customers safe and properly distanced to avoid spread.

Covid-19 is rapidly evolving. At Scott's 180 our primary concern is health and well-being of all our customers and employees. We are diligently staying on top of the situation and recommendations of Alberta Health Services and the Government of Canada to ensure we are making the proper decisions as we move forward.

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